Apart from normal prediction service for stocks and commodities, this is a service where we may or may not find opportunities based on our analysis. The stocks which traders are expecting may or may not be part of this service. Since we have a different set of parameters to analyze the market trends using Time and Price Analysis, we filter out only those stocks which meet our criteria. Regular traders can use it as an additional service since we have restrictions in time to do our analysis.

Potential Stocks service is available for Intraday Traders, BTST traders, Position (Day) Traders and Investors. Everyone who trades in the stock market will try to make money but lack of technical understanding leaving traders behind with losses. This service will take care of the need of traders to pick up well analyzed stocks using Time and Price Analysis. Before doing our Time Cycle Analysis, we use our own hidden secrets of price action methods and hidden language of technical analysis to ensure high probability profit opportunities in specific stocks, indices or commodities.

Apart from Nifty 50 index stocks, we analyze all NSE stocks which are having high potential up or down trend.

Last day of every month, we update end of day potential stocks/Index and commodities for the next calendar month using Daily Interval. These are the stock prediction charts with Key Turning Dates.

3 Months Daily charts will be updated by end of every quarter say March, June, September and December for Stocks/Index and Commodities.

Subscription charges for one month prediction charts and 3 months prediction charts for Stocks and Commodities are same as provided in our subscription page.