We are traders with experience in trading and wealth management solutions since 1996. We have undergone many pains and gains in our trading career and finally progressed towards trading success. It took us more than 12 years extensive research to understand the mass psychology on the market movement and released our first service in Nov 2011 with a positive response from traders in India. We begin the service only with Nifty Prediction Chart hence named our website and later on added Bank Nifty Prediction Chart and Stocks. We find our research very helpful for our personal trading after testing with our own trading accounts. Simultaneously, we have been researching to find the best prediction models for accuracy.

In 2013, we have decided to extend our services beyond India. We have tested our methods on Global Stock Markets like USA, UK, China, Japan, Australia, Singapore and the results were astounding. When the outcome was favorable with markets responded to our prediction, we have extended our services to the world markets since then.

Subrahmanyam C
B.Com.,MMM.,MBA(Finance & Marketing)